The USP of Muskan top tech Security lies in the following :-

  • Extremely high levels of efficiency from the field staff. In manpower guarding among  others, we happen to be currently the fasted growing celebrity client partner solely due to our consistent “on ground” performance levels and efficiency.
  • It is an ex- serviceman promoted and run company. We have robust supervisory staff which is fully manned by ex-servicemen who provide outstanding levels of service quality.
  • Scalable partner – we scale per clients’ need and expectations no matter what the region/strengths involved. For example at present we are building teams for two leading MNC companies on the outskirts of Bihar – and scaling up to almost 50 guards within a span of 2/3 weeks.
  • We are region/location agnostic would be more than happy to lead the expansion of delivery footprint based on client’s need and requirements – whether it’s the anywhere in East/North India.
  • Tech platform. We are in the process of developing a good and functional tech platform of our own which is able to seamlessly integrate with the client’s security software infrastructure.

Future growth

MUSKAN TOP TECH Security Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing security firms in the country today. It is digging deeper into first to value chain by shortly introducing following:-

  • Vehicles
  • Cash Security Vans Vehicle fleet for Cash loads /specialty goods
  • Jewellery Transportation Vehicles
  • Training (Adding to in house training capability by investing in a small training premises).

Muskan Top Tech is ambitious about its future. Muskan group aims to be a global leader in its areas of expertise. To provide outstanding solution to its clients, be a caring employer and ensure its contribution towards building a sustainable world through its initiatives.